Fur Free and Fabulous

Before Anna Wintour was editor-in-chief of American Vogue, she worked at British Vogue for many years.  The main difference between the two Vogues? The British Vogue has had a longstanding policy against running fur ads and featuring fur garments, unlike its “evil sister”, American Vogue, which promotes fur and encourages designers to work with fur.  Like stated before, Wintour brought fur to American Vogue.  

Because of the increasing awareness and the growing distaste for fur, many designers have slowly transitioned from using fur, to not using fur in their products.  Peta.org has a list of fur-free retailers, designers, and brands at http://www.humanesociety.org/issues/fur_fashion/tips/fur-free_shopping.html

One designer who is very prominent in the fashion industry is Stella McCartney, who is a huge advocate for animals rights and the elimination of fur in fashion.  In February of 2012, Anna Wintour attended her Special Presentation at 13 North Audley Street during London Fashion Week, which was surprising for many because McCartney has publicly criticized Wintour’s use of fur and has also done many documentaries where she has gone into fur farms to expose the truth.  This past fall, McCartney released her fall line themed around “Bambi”.  This whole concept of the line was to get consumers to go back to their childhood memories where they saw animals as their “friends”, and not “food” or “clothing accessories”.  

In “E: The Environmental Magazine”, author Starre Vartan talked about the importance of the Born Free USA fashion competition.  This company, Born Free USA and E Magazine collaborate every year to put on a fur free fashion show, to encourage designers that they can be successful and “high-end” without using fur, and to encourage consumers to not buy fur garments.  The fashion show is a hit every year, one that is featured all over the news and features designers in Vogue magazine who are anti-fur.  This year, the winner was chosen by a celebrity panel of judges including two time Emmy award winner Julia Barr of “All my Children”, editor of the Environmental Magazine Brita Belli, costume designer Marina Draghici, Princess Diana’s wedding dress designer Elizabeth Emanuel, and “Fashion Police’ host Kelly Osbourne.  

I would encourage more of these fur-free fashion shows and instead of doing them annually, they should be done for every season.  A new collection for each season to encourage beautiful designs that are fur- free.

It seems as if more and more designers are understanding the cruelty of fur and are trying to promote fur-free garments in a fun, creative way.  Many times, people think that throwing images in your face is the best way to get the message across, but this way is better because it encourages people to think in a different way.  Wintour attends almost every important fashion show, so persuading her to attend a fashion show such as this one will get her to see the clothes so she can feature these upcoming designers in Vogue.  

3rd Annual Fur Free Fashion Competition


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