Trim is Distasteful

Vogue Magazine Feature Article

In Vogue’s latest September issue, this article was featured titled, “Fur- Embellished Accessories”, which features fur trim that can “transform even the most traditional accessories into something fantastical”.  Like stated before, fur trim poses a greater threat to animals than a full length fur coat, because factory workers don’t use the “leftovers” of the animal, but rather skins another animal just to make a small collar or boot trim.  Anna Wintour picks everything goes into the magazine, so she allowed this to run in the magazine, therefore encouraging people to buy these products, encouraging them to support the cruel fur industry.

Products in this article include :

ROBERTO CAVALLI, Shearling-trimmed suede bandage boots, $1.650

ALEXANDER WANG, Polina goat fur and leather boots, $925

MARNI, Goat Hair leather bag, $1,500

Notice the price of these items.  They are expensive.  They are luxury items.  They could have easily been replicated with faux fur instead of using real fur.  Wintour decided to put these into the magazine, therefore continuing the encouraging the demand for fur.

Major furriers are keeping their industry alive by pushing fur trim on such items as bikinis, blankets, jeans, scarves, skirts, sweaters, purses, vests, and shoes.  The Fur Information Council of America (FICA) reveals the fur trim market to be worth nearly $500 million annually.

There is an easy way to stop this: STOP BUYING ITEMS WITH FUR ON IT.  The consumer needs to make the change and realize the cruelty in the process.  If we stop buying fur items, designers won’t feel the need to keep producing it because it won’t be considered a luxury item anymore.  Also, the price is ridiculously expensive.


2 thoughts on “Trim is Distasteful

  1. I am so against fur, and I am totally with you on this blog. I think the media has a huge responsibility to challenge this fur culture and demolish the perception that fur is classy or in-style. I was browsing through articles about trends and must-haves for this season and guess what’s on it…fur embellished shoes. It’s a shame that the media is still promoting such evil.

  2. I love Fashion but nothing about Fur is Fashionable the fur items you posted that were featured in Vogue are absolutely ugly and not worth animals losing their lives in such a brutal way just to make some woman feel ‘beautiful’! It’s absolutely disgusting that people still actually go out and buy fur in this day and age and support this outdated and unnecessary form of cruelty when there are so many more fashionable alternatives that are just as luxurious. You articulate very valid points in an interesting manner that resonates very strongly. Reading your blog made me feel the passion you express and made me want to be part of this change. I really hope you continue advocating for this because you’re doing an amazing job so far!

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