Dear Ms. Wintour…

Trying to convince Anna Wintour to take fur out of the pages of Vogue is a huge request and will be a huge accomplishment for animal rights activists.  It’s hard to change someone’s mind who LOVES fur and believes that fur is a seamless part of fashion.  Wintour inspires so many other fashion designers/companies, like Karl Lagerfeld, Burberry, “or Bloody Burberry”, Armani, etc. that fur is in fashion, when rather, if we could just get Wintour’s attention in a professional way that doesn’t cause a threat or harm her, then I believe our message will be easily heard.  Sometimes, protests can be a little harsh and sparks angers between the people protesting, and the people who the protest is about.  There are ways in which I would like to reach out to Wintour, since she is so hard to get a hold of, and ways in which I would like to persuade her to stop promoting fur.

I want to start a series of letters written by everyone who feels the same way.  Every letter will look like this…

Dear Ms. Wintour,

I vow to stop buying Vogue magazine until you stop promoting fur.

Name, Signature

Everyone will send his or her letters to the Vogue office in New York, that way she’ll be bombarded with letters every day.  And everyone will keep their word.  By not buying the magazine, it hurts the magazine’s sales, therefore creating an impact on Wintour’s company.  Maybe then she’ll realize that people are serious about the subject matter.

I have also started a petition on, which is an online petition site where people can create petitions about changes they want to see in the world.  With 20 million users in over 196 countires, this website is a huge opportunity for me to get my message across.  I want everyone to sign my petition at so we can get thousands of signatures to create change.



One thought on “Dear Ms. Wintour…

  1. I think your blog is a valiant effort to try to inspire change in the fashion industry. In current society, fur is no longer utilitarian. If people needed it or just enjoyed how it looks than we can go out and by faux fur. However, people like Anna Wintour don’t wear fur because it is they need to, they wear it because they can. Fur has always been a status symbol. I think using letter to reach Ms. Wintour will illustrate that our generation doesn’t regard fur as a status symbol anymore and that genuine fur it is no longer relevant or necessary in today’s fashion industry.

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