Whose Skin are You In?

People follow celebrities.  That’s pop culture and that’s something that is never going to change.  Whether we like it or not, want to believe it or not, celebrities have a huge impact on us…maybe even greater than our own parents or our own friends.  We look up to celebrities as role models and we want to do what they do, look how they look, and be who they are.  If a celebrity says that something is “cool”, we automatically assume it is cool as well.

PETA launched an anti- fur campaign three years ago in 2009 called “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur”, “Ink not Mink”, and whose “Whose Skin are you in?”.  These three campaigns were extremely successful, as they got many popular celebrities to model for PETA and to do PSA’s, informing the public about the cruelty of fur.

Many of these celebrities have been on the cover of Vogue magazine, and I would really love to start another campaign called “Be Proud of Your Skin”.  It would be a campaign target towards everyone and it will show a row of models of all different ethic backgrounds and nationalities, as well as  row of animals with all different colors and patterns of fur.  It’ll say “Be Proud of Your Skin”, implying two messages: 1, be proud of your race and where you come from and 2, let animals keep their fur and be proud of their skin as well.

Getting celebrities on board with this could really impact Anna Wintour, especially if they vow to never pose on the cover for Vogue until Wintour takes fur out of the magazine.

5 thoughts on “Whose Skin are You In?

  1. Great suggestion. Celebrities really do make a difference in social changes like this one. Having larger names like the examples you offered would definitely set the stage for the media and would then force Anna Wintour to notice the growing movement for no fur in fashion.

  2. I remember seeing ads for these campaigns and they really caught my eye. The use of celebrities in any case is always really effective. People are automatically drawn to whatever a celebrity is promoting, regardless of if they agree with it or not, it is just in our nature. I love the idea you have for the “Be Proud of your Skin” campaign. Using different nationalities and backgrounds can touch people around the world, just like each nationality and culture case for different kinds of animals. I support your blog and ideas and I hope a new campaign come out soon!

  3. This is a great example of a successful cause related advertising campaign. I truly believe that if you launched another one similar to it targeted at Anna Wintour, you would be able to make a huge impact. Especially if you got more up to date, well known celebrities out there. Maybe you could even research what celebrities Anna Wintour looks up to the most and get them to be a part of the campaign!

  4. I love this idea! You could even take it a step further and have them “be proud of your skin” and have celebrities/endorsers speak about the confidence of their own skin as a positive body image! Love the creative tagline!

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