Would you wear your dog?

Ms. Wintour,

The world have fashion contains endless possibilities.  New trends, new patterns, new models…isn’t fur getting a little old now? This blog has given you plenty of reasons to not promote fur.  There’s no need for it when there are hundreds of companies that sell faux fur which look EXACTLY like real fur.  Having a dead animal strapped on your backside isn’t considered a luxury, it’s disgusting.  I’ve given you the facts…

50 million animals are killed every year for their fur in fashion.  And they are killed in the most gruesome ways.  There are hundreds of designers who would love to work with your skill and expertise in the industry and would love to help you start promoting faux fur.  Take for example your friend Stella McCartney.  She is a huge inspiration and her line is 100% organic and fur- free.  Starting a fur -free fashion show would show you in an approachable and positive light, and there’s no need to use real fur when you can use fake fur.

I will be encouraging people to protest against your magazine, Vogue, until you put an end to promoting fur in the pages.  I will have people sign petitions and make pages on social media sites to get the word out to the public.  If you started using faux fur, I guarantee you would have the support of hundreds of high end designers from all over the world.

This brings me to my final question.  Ms. Wintour, would you wear your dog? It’s basically the same thing as skinning your dog and then having me wear it on my back.  It’s disgusting, unethical, and completely pointless when I can go out and buy a fake coat that looks exactly like your dog’s fur.

There’s nothing luxurious about fur, there’s not fashionable about it either.  It’s time for you to open your eyes and see that your actions continue to be the cause of millions of helpless animals each year.

Wake up.

3 thoughts on “Would you wear your dog?

  1. it’s really disgusting to me that so many animals are killed for their fur. I think that killing for food is normal because almost every specie kill to eat but we don’t see lions going around skinning rabbits for their fur!

    i understand that skinning animal for their fur was fine a long time ago when people used to live in caves and we didn’t know textile, but its 2012.

  2. The title of this post is simple, but compelling. I read an article about how different cultures feel about eating dog meat and somehow this post made me think about that. essentially people were outraged that cultures continued to eat dog meat, mostly because we have domesticated dogs and can really only see them as pets. while the use of animals as food is highly debated and sometimes controversial i think fur is a no brainer, i do not see how anyone can convince me that wearing fur, especially the way fur is collected, is appropriate. at least when you eat an animal it is for necessary sustenance (let’s not go too much into that, i don’t want to offend anyone).
    basically, we no longer need fur to survive. if you want to live in the snow covered mountains without clothing or electricity, perhaps i would be down to give you a fur coat (the practical and necessary use of fur in far away times). i don’t foresee that happening so i don’t understand a need for fur.

  3. Amazing letter. Very very eye opening! Ugh, I don’t even know why you have to advocate, shouldn’t they be aware of what they are doing?! It’s very disgusting and painful to see they aren’t do anything about it. You got me. I’m hooked. I have no compassion for fur fashion.

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