“There’s always a way to wear fur.”- Anna Wintour, Vogue magazine editor-in- chief.

Well, not really.  Actually there’s never a way to wear fur.

The real price of fur is not measured in dollars, but by deaths.  More than 50 million animals are violently killed each year for fashion.  Think about it.  To make one fur coat, you need to kill at least 55 wild minx, 18 red foxes, 100 chinchillas, 25 skunks, 30 rex rabbits, 15 bobcats, or 27 raccoons…just so you can have the luxury of wearing it on your back.

This is meant to educate and to change the way people, especially those who are executives in the fashion industry, view fur.  My mission is to eliminate the production of fur in high end fashion retailers all around the world, and to get those people who do wear fur to see the cruelty in the process and stop wearing fur.  Many high-end fashion designers are huge advocates for the fur industry because they see it as a sign of luxury, when frankly, it’s the part of a skinned animal that is strapped over your shoulders.

 I want to be editor- in – chief of a fashion magazine, and as an editor, you have to choose what articles of clothing make it into the magazine.  I vow to never put fur in the pages of my future magazine, which inspired me to persuade contemporary editors not to put fur in their magazines.  Being a huge animal rights activist and practically obsessed with fashion, this will evoke the change I want to see in the world.  Starting with the lady who started it all.

Anna Wintour is the principal, president, and pope of the fashion industry.  Vogue is the most successful fashion magazine in the world and anything Wintour says will go into the magazine.  Fur was not featured in magazines until Wintour put it on the cover, and then all the top designers followed her.  Ms. Wintour, I speak directly to you.  STOP putting fur on the glossy covers of your glorious magazine.  As someone who is an inspiration and a genius in fashion, you have the power to influence top designers to stop encouraging the fur trade.

So, let’s take fur out of fashion.  One animal at a time.

Who’s with me?

5 thoughts on “About

  1. I am so happy we are on the same page about protecting animals! Both of our topics fight against two of the biggest animal cruelty problems in the nation. “Ignorance is not bliss.” <— I completely agree with you. Education is key for people who are not aware of these issues, and they are not aware because the meat industry and the fashion industry do a great job of keeping the production process unknown. And overall, vegetarianism is the true way to fight against these problems. Great job!

  2. I’m not going to lie and say that I know a lot about fashion, because I really don’t. But this blog in its entirety struck a chord with me, and your logic behind it is fantastic. All fashion is based off trends, so if you can stop a trend, you can stop a movement. I like the way you are going about approaching this topic, because many times the actions of PETA can make it seem more like a publicity hoax than a real fight animal rights. I hope you succeed in the fashion industry because it is forward thinking like this that will ultimately lead to a better world for my children and all of our children to live in. Thanks for the awesome blog!

  3. I’ve always thought of this since I was kid and grew to love dogs. I remember seeing a runway show that my mom had on TV, and seeing the fur coats and wondering why they would even put that on. Years later I’ve learned about the many historical uses for fur clothing, and none of those purposes are the reasons why people wear fur now and days. On top of that people have created other ways to fufill those purposes, such as keeping warmth. A great topic, and would be pretty cool if you were to break through Wintour.

  4. I am with you, fur is ridiculous for people that have no brain cells at all and zero consideration for animals. It’s really sad how men and women think is nice to wear real fur while they know how they kill the animals, i mean i am sure there is at least a one farm in the world that kills the animals with a much more gentle way and actually using the whole animal, like rabbits, they could be eaten and also use their skin to make the fur coats, and i believe that way would be fine; because is just like hunting and eating and using the whole animal. But with other animals like Foxes, skunks and bob cats, you won’t really use the animal to eat, so that’s not cool at all. So i am with you on this, and hopefully you get this project going.

  5. At my pr internship this summer the company I worked for could not pitch leather shoes or accessories to Anne Hathaway because she is completely for “vegan” fashion. Maybe consider her as someone who could support your specific cause!

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